The Benefits of an Office Refurbishment Service

The Benefits of an Office Refurbishment Service

The refurbishment of an office space can be an exciting experience for many individuals. As part of the process, there are a number of things to consider and take into account. From the cost of the project, to how the handover will work and what benefits can be gained.

Cost per square metre

Office refurbishment is a great way to make your workplace more functional and profitable. However, there are many factors that can affect the cost of office renovations. For instance, the type of work you need done, the size of your space, and the location can all impact the price.

The cost of a remodel or office refurbishment is usually determined by the quality of materials. Larger spaces tend to be cheaper per square foot. This is because the cost of bulk supplies will be lower. Also, the more extensive the scope of work, the more expensive it will be.

A typical office refurbishment will cost between PS12 and PS52 per square foot. This includes the cost of materials, installation, and labor. It also excludes general expenses. Some costs to consider when planning a refurbishment include design, construction drawings, electrical plans, elevations, and colour coordination.

A large office refurbishment may require a team of builders and architects. They will coordinate the project and coordinate the schedule of work. In addition, you’ll have to find a contractor. Contractors will charge based on the size and complexity of the project. Most contractors will charge $2-$6 per square foot.

Handover and transition to a brand-new working environment

The handover and transition to a brand new working environment is no small feat. It requires a high level of training and supervision from management and peers alike. The good news is that most organisations have a well-defined handover procedure to guide the process. This translates into a smooth handover and a smoother transition to a brand new working environment. To facilitate the handover process, a suitable online platform is a must. In this regard, the cloud-based platform dispenses with the need for emails and meetings and thereby makes for a more streamlined and more efficient process.

Getting your hands on the right information is the key to a smooth handover. A good handover process isn’t just about laying out the information on a paper, it’s also about making the relevant information available on the fly. Having a well-defined handover procedure will save the organisation both time and money. Some examples include the establishment of a central information hub, a formal information exchange, and a system of record to formally record, store, and communicate all pertinent handover information. Using an online platform to capture, document, and store all pertinent handover information is an excellent way to achieve these objectives.

Improvements to employee wellbeing and employee productivity

If you are considering a renovation for your office, you may wish to consider the impact it will have on your employee wellbeing and productivity. While your company’s needs will vary, there are many things you can do to ensure that your employees are happier and healthier.

For example, you might offer a well-being at work program. This will show your employees that you care about them. It will also help to reduce absenteeism and promote the health of your workforce.

In addition to improving your workers’ well-being, you can also increase their productivity. Studies have shown that employees who are happy and healthy are more productive.

A four-day workweek can help to improve your workforce’s wellbeing and productivity. Japan and Iceland have tested it extensively and report that it improves both productivity and the balance between work and life.

When you consider the costs associated with lost time due to illness and absenteeism, a corporate wellness program is a great investment. Employees who are happier are less likely to burn out.






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