Why Education Refurbishment Is Important

Why Education Refurbishment Is Important

Education refurbishment is one of the most important projects that a school or college can carry out. It is a way of ensuring that a building is aesthetically appealing and safe, and it is also essential to ensure that the education system can operate smoothly. The main reasons for the refurbishment include improving the physical appearance of the building, upgrading the interior, and providing more space for students. A school can choose to carry out a refurbishment project for a number of reasons, including:

Winchester School of Art

One of the oldest and most impressive buildings in town, Lincoln Elementary School has seen a number of modifications in its many decades of service. Originally designed as an exemplary structure, it has benefited from recent alterations to meet the growing needs of the local community.

The most impressive redesign came in the form of a two story gymnasium. This included lockers and custodial areas, along with the usual suspects, such as science labs and a well stocked library. A plethora of technology, including a new fire exit doors and the latest audio visual equipment, rounded out the package.

In addition to the gym, a state of the art seven-booth rifle range is scheduled to be completed in the coming year. Additionally, a new 25m x 13m six-lane swimming pool will be the icing on the cake.

Walthamstow School for Girls

Walthamstow School for Girls is a comprehensive secondary school for girls. It is a single sex, non-denominational, mainstream community school, which aims to inspire and equip confident, independent learners.

The school is situated on Church Hill in Walthamstow, London. It is a Grade II Listed building with a spectacular glazed foyer. There is also a new drama space in the lower ground floor, creating a junction with the original assembly hall.

Walthamstow School for Girls was opened in January 1890. At that time, it had 49 girls on its roll. They ranged in age from seven to sixteen.

After being built as a private school, it became a county high school in 1911. It was then moved to Church Hill.

Kruununhaka School

Kruununhaka is one of the oldest districts in Helsinki. The area was predominantly built up in the 19th century and boasts some of the finest examples of art nouveau architecture in the city. This makes it a good candidate for a re-build. In addition, the site boasts an abundance of old pine trees which add a certain charm to the complex.

What has been done with the re-imagining isn’t just about repairing the damage done by a 1944 bombing raid. Rather, the new building boasts a clean albeit uninspiring facade towards the street. On the plus side, the old and the new have interacted to produce a re-imagined school. To keep the old school spirits alive, a few stalwarts from the era of yore were reborn as staff.

Korkeasaari Zoo

Korkeasaari Zoo wants to use the potential of virtual reality technology for education. For example, it would like to build an interactive learning path for school groups. It has already commissioned Zoan, a Helsinki-based virtual reality studio, to create this content.

The project will bring together experts from different fields, including pedagogic professionals, zoo staff and teachers, as well as virtual reality developers. This will start with workshops in October 2021.

The zoo’s new landscape will be based on existing topography of the western part of the zoo. As a result, it will reinforce the natural look of the site.

To complement the redesigned landscape, the zoo will also offer a new interactive learning path. Specifically, the zoo will develop a pilot project aimed at creating XR content for the rainforest sections of the zoo’s tropical houses.

Churchlands Senior High School

A landmark education refurbishment is under way at Churchlands Senior High School. The school will reopen in 2020 with a new secondary school that will accommodate more than 1600 western suburbs students. This will ease crowding at Shenton College.

In addition to the major school expansion, a number of existing buildings have been refurbished to improve student services. For example, the canteen was transformed from an outdated space into a trendy cafe-style hub. Another project involved the installation of photo voltaic panels, which will generate significant savings in electricity costs.

To ensure safety during the construction process, the team worked closely with the acoustic engineer. Moreover, a 400kWh solar system was installed at the school to reduce the school’s power costs.






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